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  • Our HR Consultant, Alex, is an ICF-backed Certified Professional Coach. 

  • Experienced coaching leaders from first time people managers to C-Suite executives and can help with: 

    •  Identifying and coaching high potentials and high performers

    • Facilitating transition

    • Acting as a sounding board

    • Addressing  derailing behavior



We drive talent acquisition to enable hiring and attracting top talent – inclusive of strategy around acquisition, pre-employment screening and applicant tracking system recommendations or implementation (ATS)/ HR Information System implementation (HRIS). Candidates have many options in today’s workforce. It is important to have a strong employee value proposition and market your company’s culture and brand in the right way.


We have extensive experience in recruiting and placing front line to C-Suite candidates in fields such as (but not limited to): healthcare, IT, professional services, HR, finance and small business. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you or your talent acquisition team as a retained search firm to place quality candidates. 

We can help you facilitate a red-carpet on-boarding experience for your new colleagues. From working on more efficient tools and integration policies and training, we can help you ensure orientation is successful.


With experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, we can also help you should you need to onboard an acquired company to an established company’s systems, processes, and into their existing culture.

It is vital you and your colleagues understand performance, learning management, and talent development practices that fit the needs for your teams. We can help craft feedback mechanisms to gain insight into what motivates employees and understand how your teams perform against their goals. Feedback is a gift- when done right, it leads to higher employee engagement.

Ensuring development of your high potentials and high performers is key to keeping them engaged. We have experience crafting not only individual development plans and strategy, but succession planning both from an internal and external perspective.

Given the current climate, we can incorporate digital transformation strategy into our thinking as you prepare for a post-pandemic world.

Understanding the reason why individuals chose to move on from your business is key to the employee lifecycle. We can design exit interview processes and help design world-class off-boarding procedures. With experience in divestitures, should you need to offboard multiple employees, we can craft a plan tailored to your needs. 



Need help understanding what makes sense in terms of next steps for your career?

Career development is more than just deciding on what courses to take or what connections to make on LinkedIn.



Resume Building

Interview Preparation



LinkedIn Profile Development

Individual Development Plans

Narrowing the focus when considering a career change.


Starting a new or growing an established business? It’s more important than ever to have a trusted advisor.

We  can help improve the effectiveness of your team or organization by analyzing its existing practices for opportunities. After the assessment, we will work with you or your team to create solutions to help you meet your goals. Much of our experience stems from the world of project management and organizational transformation.

Business Presentation

When it comes to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI-B), we understand you need high touch, results oriented strategy: 

  • We’ve worked across business functions with experience in: culture assessments, sustainability, learning, development, inclusive management, Human Resources Management, Recruitment and Performance Management. We also leverage evidence-based scholarship into our HR consulting, research and training practices.

  • We will build unique solutions for innovative teams and organizations with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging top of mind. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is our passion and we help bring that to life for you and your teams!

  • We work with your team to build and implement a strategy that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion across your systems, policies and practices. We can tailor learning and development needs to your opportunity areas through workshops, trainings or coaching partnerships.

  • We are experienced working with people managers to C-Suite executives and our HR consultant's strategy is  founded through her National Diversity Council certification, continued learning courses and experience in the field. 







Organizational Change Management

Change Management has never been so critical! As a leader in your organization, you always need to be prepared for change. Whether you’re dealing with a planned initiative, volatile industry, or unexpected situation, change is inevitable.


We can help you craft a change management plan that fits the needs of your organization and teams.